People who once  woke up here  and walking bare feet on the balcony, arrived to the terrace during sunrise, know what inspire this new collaboration. 

Togheter whit Studio Yoga (Alba) we suggest yoga classes on the large panoramic terrace or indoor.

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Don't leave from La Morra before stop here!

It is a very oasis for organic wines with more than 200 labels.

Wine shop LE VIGNE BIO (the Bio Vineyards) is a Severino Oberto idea. Working in Erbaluna and travelling to wine exhibitions for Erbaluna wines he met many other organic producer.

The wine shop, that also serves cold organic brunches, was born in 2012 in the old build after accurate renovation.


It’s the ideal place where sit and, ask for aperitive, brunch or dinner, talking about an organic souvenir with Severino or with the staff!!

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Choose your favoured!

N. 6 and n. 7 are close to Erbaluna.


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Leaving from Erbaluna, after more or less 30 minut of winding route in the middle of wonderful   landscapes, valleys, less vineyards and more forest and field, you’ll be lost in a totally different country area….

Here agriculture not so intensive preserve original landscape and wine smell change in hay fragrance!!

‘I PASCOLI DI AMALTEA’ are here in the middle, and this is the place we prefer for quiet walking, for try sheep cheese and, why not, for enjoy to make chees by yourself!!!

Those are just three good reasons for organize a visit and a cheese tasting in the farm.

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At the end of a full day, we would suggest the dinner by candlelight, and if you're lucky, the full moon, on our terrace attached to the room.

Even room guests have access to the kitchen, all the accessories and small lanterns ... ..small because when  sky, stars and moon are so close, LESS LIGHT IS BETTER!!!

For food we suggest the TAKEAWAY MENU of OSTERIA MORE E MACINE – La Morra. (Tel. 0173/500395).

FULL MOON 2018:  April 30, May 29, June 28,  July 27, August 26,  September 25, October 24.


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Routes short, medium or long, ideal for a half or a full day.

Renting the assisted bicycles everybody (sport people and not) have the opportunity to bike in the region and enjoy arriving  to the different viewpoints, castles, cru and valleys.

You’ll find the bicycles at our hotel and we’ll return them. We are available for further information about price.


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Degustazione Vini

Every day you can try Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Erbaluna Rosso and Barolo Chinato, Grappa di Nebbiolo, Brandy as digestif.

Wine tasting can follow or anticipate the visit of the winery. During the tour you’ll see fermentation, aging and bottling areas. You’ll need more or less one hour.

All is free and usually for degustation you’ll find some bread sticks, but, on request, we can added some finger food as cheese and/or sliced.

Timetable: morning from 9.00 to 11.00 - afternoon from 14.00 to 17.00. EVERYDAY.


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