Aromatised wine, made by adding sugar and ethyl alcohol to Barolo DOCG, in which various spices have previously been slowly macerated (for 40 days) at room temperature, giving it a bitter-sweet taste. Its fame for its digestive and eupeptic properties comes from the not too distant past. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers used to enjoy its delicious aromatic qualities from a still-warm coffee cup.

Alcohol content: 16% Vol.
Storage: Up to 5 years.
Sensory profile:
COLOUR: Deep garnet red.
BOUQUET: Expansive, ethereal and complex, with scents of spices and aromatic herbs.
PALATE: Sweet, full and velvety, with a pleasantly bitterish aftertaste.
Bottle: 500 ml.
Packaging: White gift box.
Pairings: Dark chocolate.