Distilled from wine, using Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes, in a bain-marie in a discontinuous still. Aged for 5 years in small barriques.

The marc is pressed using a traditional low-pressure press.
Barbera wine distillate, made for us by our estate-owned Azienda Agricola “Il Milin” using organic methods.
Alcohol content: 43% vol.
Distilling: In a bain-marie in a discontinuous still.
Ageing: 5 years in barriques.
Storage: Up to 15 years.
Sensory profile:
COLOUR: Straw yellow with copper highlights.
BOUQUET: Fine, pleasantly aromatic, reminiscent of Mediterranean fruits, persistent and harmonious.
PALATE: Smooth, harmonious, richly fruity.
Bottle: 500 ml.
Packaging: White gift box.