Red wine resulting from the combination of fruit and acidity of two classic local grape varieties. The freshness of its aromas takes the mind and body back to the most recent harvest.
This is the way we wanted it: authentic and as natural as possible. We liked it and we gave it our name because it perfectly symbolises our philosophy.


Vine training system: Gujot.
Grape variety: Red grapes.
Soil composition and exposure: Calcareous, clayey soil. North-easterly/Easterly exposure.
Altitude: Approx. 210 metres above sea level.
Harvesting: The grapes are hand-picked and selected in mid-September.
Yield per hectare: 8,000 Kg/Ha max. by law.
Vinification: 8-10 days with floating cap, pumped over 3-5 times a day.
Ageing: This wine does not age.
Storage: 2/3 years from bottling.
Sensory profile:
COLOUR: Ruby red with very deep purple hues.
BOUQUET: Clean, with notes of fruit and dried flowers.
PALATE: Balanced, with very smooth tannins and a bitterish aftertaste.
Pairings: A wine that can be served with all courses of a meal, pairing beautifully with white meats, vegetables and mild cheeses. Grilled meats and vegetables.