When Severino and Andrea finished school in 1985, they decided to continue the family's work on the land and in the cellar by using organical farming methods, with great respect for the environment.

Chemical treatments against parasites were substituted by less toxic substances like powdered sulphur against oidium and copper-sulphate against mildew, or by natural products such as medicinal plant extracts and propolis, control of weeds is carried out by means of machines and by fertilizing with manure or products containing sea weed. 

Work in the cellar proceeds with the use of natural clarifying agents like bentonite, albumen, gelatine and fish-glue, low doses of sulphurous anhydride (about 60 p.p.m.) are used to respect the E.E.C. STANDARDS.

All the work is certified by the ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica Ambientale)whose technicians control the work on the farm twice a year to verify if all the standards of production are respected.



L’Azienda Agricola ERBALUNA è a disposizione per visite e degustazioni presso la propria cantina sia per singoli che per gruppi.

Vi è inoltre la possibilità di soffermarsi nell’agriturismo ERBALUNA sopra le cantine.

Il vino può essere acquistato sia sfuso che in bottiglia.

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