Download this file (GRAPPA DI NEBBIOLO - EN.pdf)Grappa di Nebbiolo

Our Grappa Nebbiolo is steam distilled (water bath) in small copper stills.
Alcoholic content: 43% vol.
Marc: Nebbiolo from Barolo of our vineyards.
Ageing: in steel tanks for at least 12 months.

Color: crystalline
Smell: clean and scented.
Taste: savoury and delicate.

Serving temperature: 16°C
Bottle capacity: 500 ml
Packaging: Box of gift in white box.

General impressions:
Grappa of character, in full harmony with the wine from which the pomace distilled our production.
The wealth of aromas and flavors that distinguish allow, in certain situations, to appreciate the unique characteristics even at temperatures much lower than recommended.


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